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01 Stevia Project Concept in Myanmar
Total 5times of Pre-investigation (Sep, Dec in 2017~Jun in 2018) :

Check up the development of agriculture & 6th industry which is related in Stevia project in Tachilek, Taik kyi, Mawlamine area.

Check up the Myanmar Distribution Process and System

Meeting with Industry Minister, Minster, First Director

Meeting with Minster of Agriculture & Forestry,First Director

Meeting with Tachilek, Taik Kyi, Mawlaime area Local Council and Local Partner. Partner.
Main Check-up Point
Condition of Electric Power, Water Supply, Access Road, Weather & Climate, Soil and Possibility of Collaboration with Resident in Stevia Development-prearranged area
Exploration Result
Taik Kyi Area is best place in Myanmar
- - Enough Water & Power Supply and transportation
- Perfect Condition for Moderate Climate and Temperature.
02 Condition of Myanmar Agriculture
· 60 % of the total population engage in agriculture, and we can grow over 60 different kinds of agricultural products by abundant water, fertile soil, and hot tropical weather.

· Due to the lagging industrial infrastructure, we need to focus on continuous improvement of rural environment by expanding the rice farming area, expanding irrigation facilities, increasing the number of plants, improving seeds and distributing technologies.
03 Current situation of Wholesale and retail market
    and Agricultural Weak point
Weak point of Production Value Chain
Situation of Wholesales Market
· Wholesale : 1 bag/50kg, Large rice wholesalers are taking most of the rice through their leading deals..

· Rice wholesalers buy from a rice-producing district and repackage the bag of their own brands and sell it.

· When repackaging during the wholesale stage, the packing is not carried out by the rice-producing
 district due to labor costs
Situation of Retail Market
· Retail Market : As traditional markets are developed, most people buy rice at traditional markets

· In 2012, Average of rice consumption per one person is 180kg.

· Rice retail prices range from a minimum of 17,000 to a maximum of 80,000 kyat per 50 kg.
04 SWOT Analysis for Myanmar Market
Myanmar urgently need to securing of national competitiveness and the establishment of an infrastructure which make the best use of abundant labor. Myanmar Market is a good situation by the lifting of economic sanctions by the West, the rapid increase in economic growth of 15 % per year and the rapid growth of tourists and so on.
05 The Necessary of Agricultural Development
    in Myanmar
Food Security : Agriculture-centric economic structure requires to food security through agricultural development..

60% of population is employed in agriculture : Myanmar Agriculture have high growth potential by 70 million people, ample land, abundant agricultural natural resources, low wages, and good labor.

Benefits of Frontier Company : Due to the nature of Myanmar, Frontier companies which have experience of large-scale government-related agricultural projects are given the priority to start business.
Situation of Retail Market
Processing and Modernization of agricultural & marine products, Establishing distribution system, and establishing high-income central agriculture company, expanding domestic market by economic growth
Major Agricultural Products in Tacheleik area
06 Basic Drawing and Flow Chart for
    Stevia Facilities House
07 Expectation Area of Stevia Plantation
08 Long?Term Land Lease Agreement and Plantation Contract
09 Stevia’s 6th industry Business Process Plan
The strong consortium which is consist of strategic partner firmly push to lead the future high value-add Sixth industry. The Sixth industry will cover and guide the entire Stevia project and each sector business (agricultural products ? processing - sales marketing - distribution system business) in Myanmar.
10 Management Plan of Steiva Project
- In order to establish and operate Myanmar & Korea corporation, we will organize all necessary manpower structure two months in advance. And this organization aims to develop the sixth industry.

- Through the training of all employees, we will select and manage the key management person tocommunicate with our partners organically.
Manpower Supply Plan
· Minimize idle staff through the efficient organization and staff planning
· A dual-based organizational structure by domestic and international businesses for operating
 facilities in Myanmar
· Dispatch the professional manger who have the agricultural facility management and the agricultural sector
 related to the 6th industry experience.
 - Select to employee who have experience of participating in project companies and appropriate
 experience in the field .
11 Improvement of Farmer’s Income
Myanmar Economy Situation
Examples of Famer’s income Improvement
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