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01 Introduce of Stevia
Stevia is sweet better than sugar from 200 to 300 times. It is a perennial plant in the chrysanthemum family, country of origin is Paraguay, South America. Scientific name of Stevia is Steve rebaudian bertoni and original name is Tian-Ye-Ju(甛葉菊).

It is 50 cm to 1m in height and has short leaf-toothed leaves and a phylloclysis on the edges of leaves with deephalmed teeth. White fowers bloom at the end of the stem from summer to autumn.

The principal habitat is South America(Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia), but it has grown in southern China, Thailand and Malaysia since 1984.

In its natural state, Stevia grows in subtropical regions, Semi-humid in the United States, with rainfall ranging from 1400 millimeters to 1800 millimeters. It grows well at an annual temperature of 24°C to 28°C and at 85 to 75 % humidity.

Stevia sweetness is 200 ~ 300 times better than sugar, and fewer than one ninth parts calories per sugar.

For centuries, Paraguay used Stevia as a natural sweetener. Stevia is named after Pedro Jamie Este (1550-1556) who is scholar and doctor, And He found in northeastern Paraguay.

Moissez San Tiago Verton(who is born in Swiss) first explained the species scientifically, and highlight a sweet taste.

In 1900 Paraguayan chemist Ovidio Rebaudi isolated two active substances, a sweet flavor and a bitter taste. After that, he proved to be 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar.
Prevention of Heart Disease
Polyphenols help the Sulfating Effect and are good for heart disease.
Reinforcement of Immunity Level
Anti-viral and anti-histamine components enhance immunity.
Stevia has a sweetness of 200-300 times more sugar inside, but it has very few calories so it helps control your weight.
Improvement of Liver
Due to the excellent alcoholic disassembling effect, Stevia help a Decreasing Liver Function.
Carotene in the blood stimulates insulin secretion and improves blood sugar control
Skin Care
It helps skin moisturize and to remove wrinkles or freckles by including potassium, vitamin A, E, and sodium.
03 Stevia Market Forecasting
Promotion of the market growth due to the characteristics of Stevia’s excellent sweetener in the food industry.

The global Stevia market was estimated to be $200million over in 2015, and last year(2017) US$377.00 over, compared with $70billion (70조) in sugar.

According to IMARC Group, the global sugar market has grown at a CAGR of around 2% during 2009-2016 with consumption volumes reaching 176 Million Tons in 2016.($396/ton)

04 Stevia Demand Forecast
“Stabia-based drinks were the most popular drink of all brands in 2015.”

As increase of the demand for low-calorie soft drink and juice on the global trend, we expect a high growth in the products containing Stevia.

Stevia sweetener is expected to replace most of the artificial sugar sweetener after the next seven years for consumers who is suffer diabetes and other illnesses.

“Demand in the Asia-Pacific region was highest in 2015 by by China and South Korea‘s high consumption.”

Asia Pacific was the largest market, accounting for 35.3 % of the world's total sugar market size in 2015.

Economic nations are expected to become the core market for Stevia products due to the growth of the food and beverage industry.

Especially, Economic nations are as Korea, Japan, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Europe and North America are forecast to grow 4.3 % and 4.5 % annually from 2016 to 2024.

And the FDA approval associated with Stevia products will have a positive impact on the entire industry, and it will lead to grow the relative industry.
05 Stevia as a sugar substitute
What needs to be fixed in our food life is the excessive use of ' sugar '. It is one of the major causes of hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis. Furthermore, it help to spread out cancer cells. So, we have to avoid the sugar from patients and healthy people.

In the United States, where the use of asparta instead of sugar is controversial of maleficence, people should not consume asparta, which is used in the process of producing various ingredients or foods.

The safest alternatives to sugar are Stevia and xylitol.
06 Stevia Product
07 Stevia Utilized Product/ Skin Care
Stevia is excellent for anti-biotics, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral actions and has excellent effects on children, women, sensitive skin, and skin diseases.

It help to Oxidation, antibiotic and sterilizing activity, wrinkles, skin flaws, dermatitis, eczema, acne formation, scar, rash, itch and lips crack.

If you put it on your face with powder or extract in 15~20 min. before bedtime, it has a noticeable effect on wrinkles.

Stevia soap helps to solve dandruff and scalp issues, and keeps hair healthy and natural hair color.

The cosmetics industry uses Stevia for skin care products.

Natural soap is available to sell a wide range of functional soap including moisturizing soap, atopic dermatitis, acne, whitening soap, cleansing soap, and blackbead improvement soap.
08 The Global Production Volume of Stevia
GLOBAL Stevia MARKET 2006-10
The world's consumption of Stevia shows a rapid rise in output between 2008 and 2009.

FDA( food and drug administration) investigated for the steviol glycoside that is one of ingredients in 2008. The results is that the ingredient is harmless and close to zero calories, giving Stevia a license to sell in all areas.

Before 2008, Stevia was sold only in the United States of America as a healthy, functional food.

As the FDA approved Stevia for sale in all areas, Coca-Cola and other mainstream companies began to put Stevia in the product & soft drinks and sell in market, and consumption began to increase the sales volume in 2008.
09 Front-Runner of Stevia Market
Nestle is the First Runner in the Stevia's market and Stevia-based products and consumers are familiar with Nestles’ Stevia product.

Nestle has a large range of Stevia beverages and foods. The company is focusing on the launch of calorie-low products based on a combination of Stevia.

Other Company in the Stevia Global Market :
EvolvaHolding SA
International Stevia Council
GLG Life Tech Corporation
TATE & Lyle
Coca-Cola Company
10 Stevia Buyer in Republic of Korea
Company list of purchasing food additive
Company list of purchasing raw materials for cosmetics
Company list of purchasing raw materials for medicines
12 Stevia Fertilizer
Type of Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer : It is fertilizers derived from animal matter, animal excreta, human excreta and vegetable.
The purpose of this fertilizer is to proved a small amount of nutrients.

Biofertilizer : It is a substance which contains living microorganisms that promotes groFwth by increasing
the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant when applied to seeds,plant surface, or soil,
colonize the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant.
It is popular in Southeast Asia because the chemical fertilizers are insufficient to feed themselves.

Mixed Fertilizer : It is a combination of two or more fertilizers.

The trend in the fertilizer market

The demand for chemical free fertilizer is increasing by the demand for environment-friendly products increases. - Excessive use of inorganic fertilizers has caused all kinds of pollution, side effects and making the soil acidification. - Currently, Biofertilizer is produced using agricultural waste (charcoal, brown coal, organic mud, etc.) and dung from livestock and poultry. This can cause secondary environmental pollution such as water pollution, soil pollution and air pollution


If the Biofertilizer is made by Stevia that is environment-friendly and inexpensive materials, we can minimize water, soil, and air pollution and supply fertilizer at a low price.

Effects of Stevia Fertilizer on Agricultural Products

The natural sweetness of Stevia is absorbed by the agricultural products. For this reason, it has the following effects.
1. The taste of vegetable and fruit is natural
2. The crops are rich in vitamins and minerals
3. The sweetness of fruit increase
4. The vegetables become more moist
5. The chew-feeling, taste and smell of agricultural products is improved.
6. The antioxidant in Stevia takes longer to preserve fruit and vegetable

Effects of Stevia Agricultural Techniques

Stevia farming produces more effective microorganisms and earthworms, thereby increasing the production of farm products by improving soil quality.
1. The Increment action of Nourishment Component (Sugar,
Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme and so on) 2. Sterilizing Action of Harmful Bacteria(0-157, Salmonella poisoning and so on)
3. Inhibitory Action of Virus(AIDS HIV Virus, Norovirus and so on) 4. Inhibitory Action of Toxic Substance, Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals (Nicotine Decomposition, 96% Dioxin Decomposition)
5. Prophylactic Action of Atopy, Allergie
6. Inhibitory Action of Steroid side effect, Histamine Detoxification
7. Root Promotion Action
8. Normalize Action of Reproductive Hormone
9. The Vitalization of Effective Microorganism(Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus and so on)

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