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01 Main Company Profile
Main Record of Soluas Nature
Title Year Description Remark
Thailand / Italian Thai Development Company Limited./Thailand Olefine Company Project 1993~1994 - Supply of Valves, others
- Supply of 20km fusion bonded epoxy coating pipe
Thailand / Beta Clough Thai Co., Ltd./ Rayong Project 1993~1994 - Supply of 8km coated pipe
Indonesia / P. T. Inamco/Sumatra Palembang Caltex project 1994~1996 - Supply of casing, valves
Myanmar / YUZUNA CO., Ltd and MSP Limited./Mandalay Airport project 1996~2001 - Supply of Runway cutting machinery,
diamond saw blade, heavy equipment and
Myanmar / MSP Limited/ Yeywa Dam project(780MW) 2005~2009 - Supply of Crushing plant 200MT/500MT
Korea / Grafting hi-tech ICT technology and IOT(Internet of things) project 2012~2014 - Eco-friendly farming by Oxy-water
- On Smart Farming by IOT to apply ICT hi- tech
Korea / International Flower Distribution Market/Agriculture project

Myanmar / 6th Industry for Stevia Plantation Project
2016~Present - Import the Agriculture product from Asia area and sales in Domestic Market

- Stevia Business is under-processing in Myanmar
02 Supply of Construction Heavy Equipments for
    Mandalay Airport Project
Introduce of Mandalay Airport
Concept of Mandalay Airport
Airport type Public
Owner Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Operator Mitsubishi Corporation, JALUX Inc., SPA Project Management Ltd. (for 30 years bid)
Serves Mandalay
Location Tada-U Mandalay Region, Myanmar
Direction Length Surface
ft M
17/35 14,003 4,268 Concrete
Statistics (2012)
Domestic Passengers 500,000
International Passengers 80,000
Capacity 3 million passengers per year
Supply of Construction Heavy Equipment
Construction Heavy Equipment
Main Heavy Equipment - Runway Cutting Machine
- Diamond Saw Blade
- Heavy Equipments and Others
- Construction Materials
Operating Period 1996 - 2001
03 Supply of Crushing Plant for Yeywa Dam Project
Introduce of Yeywa Dam
Concept of Yeywa Dam
Official name Yeywa Hydropower Station,
Location Mandalay Region, Myanmar
Construction began 2001-2002
Opening date No(1)...February 18,2010(2010-02-18)
Construction cost US$700 million
Designed by Colenco Power (Switzerland)
Owner(s) Department of Hydropower, Ministry of Electricity and Energy Myanmar
Dam and spillways
Type of Dam Gravity, roller-compacted concrete
Spillway type Ungated Spillway, 157 m (515 ft) crest width, 136 m (446 ft) net width
Spillway capacity design flood: 6,600 m3 (5.4 acre ft)/s
Power Station
Operator(s) Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise
Commission date 2010
Installed capacity 780 MW (1,060,000 hp)
Supply of Crushing Plant
Crushing Plant
Construction Scale 200MT / 500MT
Main Business Detail Complete Set of Crushing Plant,
Screening Plant and Accessories.
Operating Period 2005 - 2009
04 6th industry for Stevia Plant Plantation Project
Smart farming project by I.O.T
Smart farm Project
Location - Kimpo, Korea
Situation - Eco-friendly farming by Oxy-water
- Cultivation of sprout vegetable by Oxy-water
- Production line on between medium & small industry company
International Flower Distribution Market
Collection Place of Loads
Location Anseong, Korea
Function It is the 6th Industrial Complex that contains flower production, distribution, education, and tourism.
Flower Direct After collect flower from Floral farms , wholesale
Dealing Market merchants and retailers can directly purchase them.
Stevia Business We will plan to grow and buy the Stevia Seedling from this market.
6th Industry of Stevia Project
Collection Place of Loads
Location Tachileik Area in Myanmar
Situation Stevia Business is under-processing
- Under Seedling Growing Test
Office Address : Sammo Sporex 1001, No,23, Gil 59, Sillimro Kwanak-Gu, Seoul, Korea | TEL : + 82-2-851-2401 | FAX : + 82-2-851-2402
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